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Test Prep Courses Do Not Need to Cost a Fortune

August 1, 2013

Do you want to help your child improve his or her chances for college admission and scholarships?  With all the discussion about the SAT and ACT, there is no question that these two tests still are important criteria for most colleges as the competition grows more intense with their college applicants.  Many parents do not understand that a small jump in test scores can help a student more than they may realize.  The first SAT and ACT tests are not far away.  It is time for your high school senior to start some test prep if that has not already happened.

As a private college counselor and test prep coach, I think it is important for families to understand that there are many choices for test prep other than the $1000 or more courses. I have taught a six week course for more than twenty five years and the price has remained at $395. I know it’s a bargain, but I am more interested in the outcome than the income when it comes to test prep.

Families need to decide what will work best for their child.  I recommend a small group of no more than ten students.  The focus of the test prep course should be on content, useful strategies, and dealing with test anxiety.  I also want my students to learn how to pace themselves and utilize good time management throughout the SAT and ACT.

It’s time to research, sign up, and get started on a test prep course to give your child the best opportunity to score well on the SAT and ACT.