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How Do We Reinvent Education from Kindergarten through College?

May 29, 2013

As a private college counselor, I understand why most colleges want to see SAT or ACT test scores in addition to the high school transcript.  They often do not know how much grade inflation exists at different high schools, nor do they know the caliber of the classes students take.  Although the SAT and ACT are not the best predictors of college success, the tests are the same for everyone and provide a measure of understanding that the high school transcript may not.

Today, there is constant talk about the need to reinvent education from kindergarten through college.  While the task is somewhat daunting, it does appear that there are some significant changes that need to take place at every level, and now, not later. 

Education should have goals that go beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic.  In order for students to be successful in school and in life, they need to develop their critical thinking, communication, and analytical reasoning skills.  Yet it seems like far too many students are not having this opportunity at any point in their educational career. 

An interesting quote in the book, “How to Reinvent College,” caught my eye.

“The A is now the most common grade on college campuses nationwide; it accounts for roughly 43 percent of all grades given. Meanwhile, results of the Collegiate Learning Assessment, a test used by more than 500 colleges to measure academic progress, reveal that almost 40 percent of students make absolutely no improvement in writing, complex reasoning, or critical thinking during four years of college.”

Surely, we can do better than this.