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If Only We All Cared This Much about Education

July 17, 2013

“Nobel Peace Prize nominee Malala Yousefzai spoke at the UN headquarters in New York last Friday; it was her first public speech since she was attacked last October by the Taliban. The young activist said the Taliban’s attack strengthened her resolve to fight for women’s education, and asserted the Taliban are afraid of educated women. Women’s education is a pressing issue: The BBC estimates a quarter of the world’s women do not receive basic education. The real kicker to Malala’s speech? It came on her 16th birthday.”

As a private college counselor, my passion is helping students with their college planning to make sure they will have the opportunity for a meaningful college experience.  But I am also concerned with the children in this world who are not getting any education at all.  It is absolutely horrifying to see the number of children who receive no education at all or a substandard education at best.  They cannot even hope for a college education or a better life.  Their future is pretty dim.