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College Applications: What Do Colleges Want to See?

July 11, 2012

Frequently students assume that they need to spend money for activities that will make their college applications stand out.  They don’t realize that there are many free things they can do that could strengthen them as college applicants.  With at least a few weeks of summer left before school starts, why not consider what you can do.

While colleges want their applicants to have good grades and test scores, they are always looking for something more. How will you as a college applicant make yourself stand out among the other qualified students who are applying to the same schools? Have you done an internship in an area of interest, volunteered where you have a real passion, or learned something new that was a real challenge?

Perhaps some of these activities might help. Most require some work, but others are designed to help you do a little self-reflection. What would you like in a college experience? Would one of these activities help you determine a possible college major? What are your immediate and long term goals? In the next few weeks, choose a few of these free activities and plan to do them this summer while there is still time.…

College Admissions: Does Community Service and Volunteering Help?

June 8, 2012

I always encourage students to get involved in community service projects or participate in volunteering because it helps with college admissions. More importantly, it makes you feel good about yourself and how your efforts are making a difference in the lives of others. Summer is a good time to look for volunteer opportunities where you can get involved in something about which you care.  See if you can’t fit in a few hours every week for an important cause.  Colleges want to accept students who will contribute on the campus and community as well.  Check out this article for some great suggestions.

Is a Gap Year Good for Your Student?

January 6, 2012

Many American students feel that a gap year between high school and college could be an exciting experience.  It might even help with college admissions.   Many parents believe that their students may not go to college if they do take a gap year.  Gap years are wonderful opportunities for students to experience the world and utilize their talents and abilities volunteering, performing vital community service, or traveling to give themselves a better appreciation of diversity and global awareness.  Read this article and see what you think.