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COLLEGE COUNSELOR: Secrets Of Successful Students

November 7, 2012

COLLEGE COUNSELOR: Secrets Of Successful Students.

As a private college counselor, I have always felt that a college education was far more than academics.  This only confirms what I believe.

Good College Counseling Advice for HIgh School Juniors

March 19, 2012

Going to college can seem overwhelming at first. Maybe you haven’t even thought about it. You may be wondering where to begin and what to do. As a high school junior, it is time to start some college planning to make the college admission process as stress free as possible. Here is some college advice to help you get a head start as a prospective college applicant.

1. Continue to work hard in all of your classes in order to make the best grades you can. Colleges will want to see a sustained effort from now until your high school graduation. Your GPA is very important for college admissions.

2. Look for continued involvement in school and community activities and be willing to take on leadership responsibilities.

3. Register to take both the SAT and ACT sometime the spring of your junior year. Seriously consider taking a test prep course or getting some individual tutoring to prepare for the tests.

4. Attend any college fairs or programs in your community to find out about colleges that may interest you. Talk to college representatives and find out what makes their schools different from each other.

5. Think about working with a college consultant who can help you with a personalized college search and provide assistance with the college application process. Their services are affordable and worthwhile. 

6. Meet with your high school counselor to discuss graduation credits, senior classes, and where you are in your college planning.

7. Take advantage of a vacation to take a look at some different colleges in the area or visit some schools that are in your community.

8. Begin your college search with a preliminary list of schools that may interest you and visit their websites. Request information from the schools so that you will be on their mailing list and receive emails of interest from them.

9. Consider which teachers know you well and could write a good college recommendation for you. Many colleges request two recommendations.

10. Research summer jobs or experiences that offer you an opportunity to do something different. Think about volunteering in an organization that interests you.

Students who begin their college planning early have time to gather the information they need to make the best decisions. College is a big investment for your family and making good choices will help you find the colleges that are the best fit for you.