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What do colleges receive from high schools for every college applicant?

September 4, 2013

Most students apply online to colleges and universities.  The applications they send include their basic information, extracurricular activities, and college admission essays.  The high school is no longer responsible for sending out applications.  It is strictly the responsibility of the student.  Two things that high schools mail to colleges for every college applicant are the official transcript and the school profile.

We all know that the official transcript includes all of the classes and grades that a student has received up through their last completed semester.  Many do not know what the school report includes.  Here is a link to a good explanation:


What do the super bowl and college admissions have in common?

January 31, 2013

Is it a stretch to see a commonality between the super bowl and college admissions?  Maybe not as much as you think.

High school juniors are just beginning the college planning process.  They are choosing the dates when they will take the SAT and ACT, sighing up for a test prep course, and researching colleges that might be of interest.  Many are already feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Students are involved in their school work, extracurricular activities, sports, and community service.  They know that college admissions continues to get more competitive every year.  They also know that it will take more that a strong GPA and high test scores to get into many colleges.

Going through the college admissions process is a team effort:  students, parents, high school counselors, teachers, and perhaps a private college counselor, all working together to make the college outcome a good one.

Students could learn some important lessons from the Super Bowl teams as they get ready for their big day.  Both need some good strategies, a supportive team, and the ability to keep their eyes on the goal at the end.  For the Super Bowl players, it a win and Imagethe famous ring.  For high school students, it is getting into a college that is the right fit for them.

What Does Facebook Have to Do with College Admissions?

January 31, 2012

Facebook probably has more to do with college admissions than most students realize.  In fact, it has changed college admissions in many ways.  Students can connect with colleges and universities on Facebook as never before, and colleges can find out a lot of personal information about potential college applicants that more than likely will not be on their application.  For an interesting visual on the subject, check out