Senior Grades are Important for College Admissions

Some students believe that once they have been accepted to college, they can relax and not worry about their grades anymore. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Most colleges request both first and second semester grades.  They also expect students to take all of the courses they have listed on their college applications. Colleges are sending a message that they have no problem turning down an applicant in in the summer who has slacked off the second semester.  They always have a waitlist with students who have worked hard until graduation.

One Response to “Senior Grades are Important for College Admissions”

  1. Jessica Velasco Says:

    College admissions decisions are conditional. If a student slides by senior year when previously they were an A/B student, colleges can rescind their decisions. This is especially true at highly selective colleges that have to turn away so many qualified students. In addition to possibly having admission taken taken, much lower grades can affect financial aid. The smart thing to do is to continue on in senior year doing the best that you can do.

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