Our Broken College Admission Process and Five Ways to Fix It

It’s long but it’s worth the read. College admissions definitely needs some fixing.

College Counseling Culture

Crabby thinks it’s time to overhaul the college admission system…

The complaints are as consistent as they are constant: The college admission process is too stressful, too complicated, too tipped in favor of the privileged, too subject to manipulation, too test-obsessed. Colleges worry about “ghost applicants,” manufactured essays, and how to be fair to everyone; applicant numbers grow even as the number of places stay the same, helping underserved students stretches the budgets of all but the wealthiest institutions. Applicants wonder if they should “show interest” by making multiple trips to campus, sending cookies, or calling to “check in” with their favorite admission officer. Ranking systems are reviled and obsessed over, marketing overwhelms concern for students’ well-being and the goal of “fit.”

Panicked parents and students see the supposed path to success as a narrower and narrower door to squeeze through, with no one seeming to get through undamaged. As much…

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