Revised: Meaningful/Enriching Summer Programs On A Shoestring (for ages 12-25)

With all the snow this year, many families may wonder whether there will even be a 2015 summer. It may seem months away, but if your high school student is interested in pursuing a summer program, here are some great, reasonably priced or free programs to consider. College admissions officers care what students do outside of school.

Lorna Sheridan's Education Roundup

I know that summer just ended but I have gotten a lot of questions about summer programs so here are new listings and revised links. Some of these programs change their web site addresses annually. If the link I provide doesn’t work, don’t give up, just google the program name and let me know. If you would like me to delve into new areas, send me a request.

Free programs are great not only because they are free (!) but they tend also to be much more impressive to colleges (because they tend to be selective). The best ones (free and selective) require applications prior to Christmas.

My rule of thumb for what constitutes a good value is a sleepaway/residential program that is FREE or less than $750/week… so I have about 30 here that are FREE and then the others are around $500 for the week (or less).  I have…

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