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Five Ways that Teenagers Are Just Like Toddlers

September 30, 2014

Five Ways that Teenagers Are Just Like Toddlers.

College Direction helps teenagers with test prep for the SAT and ACT and also with the college planning process. Although I love working with them, I would have to agree that at times there is a resemblance between teenagers and toddlers.


Is it worth attending a college fair? …YES

September 23, 2014

College fairs are important for students and their families to attend. It is a good way for high school students to visit more with college representatives and see if there are any new schools they might want to add to their college list.

Over the next few weeks College Fairs will be popping up around the country so that the Class of 2015 receives all the necessary information prior to the college application process getting underway.  Nationwide, high school seniors flood to these events. Students want to be sure that when they apply to the colleges of their choice, they have all the necessary components to complete the application successfully.

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Advice from College Counselor Lisa Micele

September 14, 2014

Advice from College Counselor Lisa Micele.

Making the Common Application count is critical for every college applicant. This is good advice for every high school senior to follow.

Writing About What’s Wrong and What’s Right in Admission

September 11, 2014

Applying to college is stressful at best, but with changing deadlines, new testing policies, and different essay requirements, the process has become even more complicated.

Jon Boeckenstedt's Admissions Weblog

First, some interesting news this morning: Goucher College in Baltimore, a fine liberal-arts college, has announced it will no longer require a transcript for admission purposes.  Instead, students have the option of submitting some writing samples along with a short application and a self-made video of up to two minutes in length.

Predictably, comments on Higher Ed websites have equated this decision with all sorts of societal ills, some suggesting this is a sign of the downfall of civilization. More predictably, many people appear not to have read the news release or watched the video that explained it all, preferring instead to react to a headline suggesting a video was all it took to get admitted, or that you couldn’t still apply the old-fashioned way.  Of course, there is the usual selection of cynical comments (hey, I’m cynical, and these people have nothing on me…): Goucher is desperate, this is…

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