Why You Should Invest in SAT/ACT Test Preparation and Admissions Counseling

Investing in some good test prep for the SAT and ACT just makes sense. These scores are used for both admissions and scholarships. Getting help with college planning and admissions counseling often saves parents money because they are getting the best information from which to make their college decisions.

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StratusPrep ACT and SAT Tutoring IconApplying to and funding college can be stressful, but proper planning and expert guidance can help alleviate some of the pressure on students and their families. According to the College Board, the cost of attending a four-year college ranges from $91,000 to $179,000. College is a large investment in your child, and as with any other large investment, it is best to seek out an expert advisor who is experienced and has successfully guided others to similar goals.

I’ve outlined a few of the top reasons why you should invest in SAT/ACT test preparation and college admissions counseling for your child as a means to maximize your investment and set your child up for success.

Return on Investment. Working with a seasoned team of SAT/ACT tutors and college admission counselors will substantially increase your child’s chances of gaining admission to the school of his or her dreams. Graduating from a…

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