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Keep your social media clean for college admissions

November 20, 2013

Social media has become the heated conversation, especially for college-bound students.  Some feel that colleges have no right to look at a prospective student’s Facebook page or other social media sites.  Others believe that students should not post information or pictures on their social media pages that are inappropriate.  This includes language.  Regardless of how you feel, social media is something that college admission officers have access to and some do indeed check.

It is important for college applicants to look at all the social media sites they use and clean them up before a college admissions officer has a chance to look at them.  Don’t post anything if you would not like your grandmother to read it of it could embarrass you or your family.

“Almost one third of college admissions officers indicated that they had looked at an applicant’s social network pages to supplement the information given in the formal application, and almost all of them said they found something that negatively impacted the applicant’s chances of gaining acceptance.”