Want to go to medical school? Your major doesn’t matter

When I am talking with students about their college plans, invariably we discuss interests and possible majors.  I always assure them that they can apply to most colleges as an undecided major.  I encourage them to take different courses and find out what interests them the most.  Of course there are some students who do need to determine a major, especially those who wish to pursue engineering.

Invariably, I will talk with students who want to enter the medical profession.  They often are determined to look at schools that only offer a pre-med major.  I usually explain  that a pre-med major can be any number of choices.  In spite of the fact that I am a college consultant with twenty five years of experience, they often look at me in disbelief.

I have finally found the evidence I need to confirm my point.  Medical schools are interested in students from a wide variety of majors.  Hopefully, this will be convincing to my high school seniors.

“The Association of American Medical Colleges has data to suggest that your major simply does not matter when it comes to getting accepted to medical school. According to their data, only 51 percent of students who enrolled in medical school in 2012 majored in biological sciences. That means the remaining medical school matriculants majored in humanities, math or statistics, physical sciences, social sciences or specialized health sciences.”

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