SAT and ACT Tests: To Take or Not to Take Again.

Jake took the SAT and ACT once his junior year of high school.  His scores were a little above average but he wanted to do better.  He took my test prep course and improved his scores on both tests.  He and I went over his results and looked at the areas that still had room for improvement.   As with some other students I have had, the third try on the two tests paid off.  He was finally satisfied and felt that his scores were competitive for most of the schools in which he had an interest. 

Unlike The College Board, which does not cap the number of times a student can take the SAT, students may not take the ACT more than 12 times. While I do not recommend taking either the SAT or ACT more than three times, it is important to remember that the highest scores a student can get will often provide more opportunities for college admission and scholarships.

Jake was accepted at seven of the nine schools to which he applied.  His test scores turned out to be on the higher end of most of the college applicants at the schools to which he was accepted.  In addition, he received scholarship money from each of the schools that accepted him.  Not bad and certainly worth the effort.

While a student’s GPA and coursework continue to be the biggest factors for college admission, SAT and ACT scores are not far behind, even at schools that often claim to be test-optional.

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