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What Factors Are Important for College Admissions?

July 26, 2013

As a private college counselor, I know that a student’s GPA and SAT or ACT test scores are important for college admissions. What other factors do colleges and universities want to see in their applicants, especially when many of them have similar grades and test scores?

This is an interesting infographic on what is important for college admissions. How do colleges weigh up the different factors they consider when evaluating college applicants? Larger public universities usually consider grades and test scores as the most significant factors and sometimes they do not evaluate students much beyond these two criteria.

Smaller colleges and private universities often take a more holistic approach which includes going beyond the basic grades and test scores and looking at extracurriculars, essays, and the student as a whole. What can this student bring to our school is a question that is often asked by college admission officers?


If Only We All Cared This Much about Education

July 17, 2013

“Nobel Peace Prize nominee Malala Yousefzai spoke at the UN headquarters in New York last Friday; it was her first public speech since she was attacked last October by the Taliban. The young activist said the Taliban’s attack strengthened her resolve to fight for women’s education, and asserted the Taliban are afraid of educated women. Women’s education is a pressing issue: The BBC estimates a quarter of the world’s women do not receive basic education. The real kicker to Malala’s speech? It came on her 16th birthday.”

As a private college counselor, my passion is helping students with their college planning to make sure they will have the opportunity for a meaningful college experience.  But I am also concerned with the children in this world who are not getting any education at all.  It is absolutely horrifying to see the number of children who receive no education at all or a substandard education at best.  They cannot even hope for a college education or a better life.  Their future is pretty dim.

How to Find a School for the Best College Experience

July 10, 2013

Some people have very little to brag about except where they went to college. It is what you do with your college experience that makes a difference.

As rising high school seniors are building their college lists, it is important to consider schools where your college experience will make a difference. 

Too many students consider prestigious colleges and universities where it is difficult to set themselves apart.  The school might have a big name, but is it a good fit academically and socially?  Other students do not think beyond the local state university and forget that large schools do not always provide a meaningful experience.  It is a lot more difficult to get involved in activities and get to Imageknow your professors as mentors who can be helpful in your college experience and career path.

The more I visit colleges, the more I realize how different each college experience can be.  In addition to a degree, what other skills are students gaining?

Are the colleges or universities you are looking at places where you will have the interaction with professors that will make a difference?  Are you looking at schools that provide many opportunities to get involved and gain some leadership experience?  Are there internships in which most students participate. 

While some schools have immediate name recognition, it is important for students to find the colleges and universities that fit them academically and personally.  Only then will your college experience make a difference.