College Admissions: A Few Facts Families Need to Know

There is almost too much information out there for families to absorb about the college admission process.  Thus, it is pretty hard to figure out what is accurate and what is not.  When you are planning on going to college, you need to know that the information you read is correct or it obviously is not much help.  In fact, poor information can actually hurt you.  Sometimes people have different opinions about test prep and college admissions and this is what they write.  You need to be able to determine the difference between the facts and the myths.

One common myth about college admissions is that schools want well-rounded college applicants. In reality, they want successful academic students with different backgrounds, artistic talents, athletic abilities, and unique interests who will make up a well rounded freshman class.

Ten years ago, colleges were interested in accepting students who were well-rounded in many different areas of their lives, with academics of course being one of the most important.  Today, good grades and test scores continue to be significant, but colleges are definitely more interested in accepting college applicants who stand out in specific areas of their lives and demonstrate leadership and commitment to that activity.  In regard to extracurricular activities, whether they are in school or in the community, quality is more important than quantity.


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