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College Admissions: More Deferrals in Early Admissions than Ever Before

December 29, 2012

Many students applied early admission to colleges and universities this year. Some were elated with their acceptances; others were disappointed because they were either rejected or deferred.  Those who were deferred are in good company. I am amazed at the number of high school seniors who were deferred and will have their applications added to the regular admission pool.

Believe me, these are students with the grades and test scores to make them very academically competitive for these schools. They also have been involved in extracurricular activities and wrote good essays and had strong teacher recommendations. This still did not get them accepted in the early admission pool.

This biggest issue for these students is that it puts them in limbo and not sure how to figure out just what deferral means. My advice to most students is to send an email to the school if you are still interested and convey this interest. Let them know of any awards, improved test scores, or anything else to support your application. This can be emailed to the college admissions office or the college representative who is in charge of your application.

Keep your college options open and take a second look at the schools to which you are accepted. You do not need to make any final decision until May 1st. The following article may give you some ideas how to strengthen your chances for college admission.…


The Joy of College Acceptances and the Sorrow of the Shooting at Sandy Hook

December 17, 2012

My heart is heavy today. I don’t like to dwell on tragedies, but this recent one has affected me more because of the loss of so many little children. I remember the night of Columbine because I had an SAT group at 6:30. I called the students in the group that afternoon and told them they did not have to come. Most did anyway because they wanted to talk and share their feelings. That is what we did. I think it was cathartic for all of us. Today I have had excited calls and emails from my students who have been accepted to college through early decision or early action. I must show enthusiasm for the joy they are feeling and I want to, but it is hard.

I understand that college admissions can be confusing, that college applications can be time-consuming, and that financial aid can be complex. I do not understand why in recent years we have witnessed so much senseless violence. I do not understand why so many movies, television shows, and video games contain nothing but violence and that our teenagers find this entertaining. I do not understand how an individual can cause a horrific mass murder like the one that occurred on Friday. I do not understand what a parent can do if they have a mentally unstable child who is a threat to society.

I am an analytical person and that is why I ask so many questions. Perhaps, I should stick to college counseling. I can usually answer those questions without any problem.  Those having to do with the shooting at Sandy Hook leave me speechless.