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Colleges for students with learning disabilities

August 27, 2012

Many students with learning disabilities have struggled throughout their education to be successful.  Some have been in schools that provided the support they needed, but others have found very little help.  School is not always fun for students with learning disabilities.  Many students have faced years of frustration.

When these same students begin to think about college, some are afraid to even consider the subject.  Since school has always been difficult for them, they aren’t sure they want to experience more academic challenges and possible failure.

Colleges understand that many students with learning disabilities are very bright, but they simply need to have a college education adapted to their learning styles.  However, it is up to the individual student to research schools and determine which ones actually do provide the support services that will allow them to succeed.  Often times a private college counselor has the expertise to help families find the right schools.

Some colleges and universities indicate they do provide support services for students with learning disabilities, but these vary a great deal from school to school.  Before compiling a college list, make sure you have checked out each school carefully.


How to feel less anxious about going off to college

August 17, 2012
Most students feel some anxiety before they are off to college.  They are leaving familiar surroundings, friends, and family.  This makes them feel insecure and a little bit apprehensive about what to expect.  Finding new friends on your college campus can be the easiest way to make the transition to college.  I once met a freshman girl on a college tour who gave us her suggestion for meeting new friends.  She started on the top floor of her dorm and walked down the stairs, getting off on every floor.  She introduced herself to everyone who had their door open and by the end of her first day of college, she had met more than thirty people.  Not a bad idea.

Does test prep for the SAT and ACT really work?

August 6, 2012

Most students will improve their test scores on the SAT and ACT by taking advantage of some good test prep.  Why is test prep necessary?  These tests are like a marathon.  They require both mental and physical preparation.  Students can’t expect to just walk into the test center and hope to do well.

There are pros and cons to the various test prep methods available.  The important thing is to find what works best for your families’ schedule, finances, and your child’s learning style.

Test scores on the SAT and ACT are important.  They are often used for college admission, scholarships, and honors programs.  Sometimes a small improvement in test scores can help students have more options for college.