College Competition Getting Tougher: More Students Deferred

Colleges deferring more students –

I have been amazed at the number of high school seniors who have been deferred from colleges and universities and put into the regular admissions pool.  Believe me, these are students with the grades and test scores to make them very academically competitive for these schools.  The biggest issue for many kids is that it puts them in limbo and unable to figure out just what deferral means.  My advice to most students is to send an email to the school if you are still interested and convey this interest.  Let them know that if you are accepted, you will come.  If you receive any awards, improved test scores, or anything else to support your application, email or fax it to the college admissions officials.  But keep your other options open because you do not need to make any college decisions before May 1st.  Click on the link above to get the full story.

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